Office 21®

Success factors for new working and office environments

How is Office Work and Knowledge Work going to change in the future?

The organisational, technological and interior design of our work environment has become a crucial success factor for organisations given the changing requirements in a knowledge society. Companies, their staff and teams face massively increasing demands on their performance, efficiency and capacity for innovation in global competition.

From the perspective of the staff, pressure to perform and work density increase.
New types of work organisation require more collaboration, self-organisation and continuous development. At the same time, members of staff experience and demand a new recognition from their employers and become a resource that is both in demand and soughtafter. Quite self-confidently, they claim a work design that allows for an integration of individual phases in their life and life styles.

From the perspective of organisations and companies it becomes increasingly important to consider the needs of diversified staff and teams and intelligently integrate them into the comprehensive processes of performance provision with maximum value creation.

The design of innovative work environments or those inducing innovation is an important management instrument, especially in the context of office and knowledge work and serves to successfully face the increasing demands from both the perspective of the staff and the company. Our studies from previous research periods and our forecast 2025 “How we will work and live tomorrow” show the effectiveness of spatial-technological infrastructures and office environments on individual and organization-oriented success indicators as well as the fascinating opportunities future societal and technological developments will provide: Knowledge work increasingly is a feature of virtual space. Mobile terminals like smart phones or tablet PCs already allow us flexible kinds of work, e.g. using tele-cooperation, mobile or virtual work. We can save our data in the cloud and access it from anywhere. A quickly growing number of people find that highly flexible, multi-local forms of work are their daily life. This development is going to increase due to synergetic demands of individuals and organizations.

In the joint research project Office 21® we examine this change and develop concrete courses of action for a successful design and implementation of this future world of work in companies.

A multidisciplinary network of scientists, innovative providers of solutions and visionary users does justice to the complexity of those questions and explores organizational, social and technological phenomena.


The current research phase of »OFFICE 21®« focuses on two topics: the key issue »Green Office – potentials of sustainable work design and office design« examines which ecological, economical and social potentials arise for a company from implementing a work design and office design which orientates itself to criteria of sustainability.

The key issue »Forecast 2025 – how we will live and work tomorrow« develops a scientifically profound and consistent picture of the future. This perspective forecast forms a basis for a subsequent strategic early navigation, which we will conduct together with our partner companies and which helps, to adapt to future developments at an early stage.
You can gather more information from the project outline.